WhatsApp Plus Blue 2020 download (whatsapp plus APK V8.40) Latest version FREE

WhatsApp Plus Blue 2020 download (whatsapp plus APK V8.40) Latest version FREE

WhatsApp Plus Blue 2020 download (whatsapp plus APK V8.40) Latest version FREE

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WhatsApp Edition is the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Latest version 8.40

We also promise to download all the latest versions of the program here v8.40 every update WhatsApp Plus last version version of the Android and hide your appearance the application to Blue is very private, which is the ability to read messages received without knowledge The sender is so online when you are online and this gives you a sense of comfort so that no one will know you are completely on the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Plus v8.40 Anti Ban For Android Devices

  1. Important Note : If You Got Banned Before
  2. Please Take Backup Of Your Chats From (Settings > Chats > Backup Chats)
  3. Uninstall Your WhatsApp Version
  4.  Download WhatsApp Plus v8.40 From tr.tawasol4sy.org
  5.  Install WhatsApp Plus v8.40 And Verify Your Number Again

Features download  WhatsApp Blue Plus | WhatsApp .apk direct link for free without ads

    • The possibility of hiding the appearance:  In the old version was suffering a lot of users from their appearance online, but now with this version you can hide the final appearance during use.
    • Do not know receipt:  You can read all the messages sent to you without the sender knowing that you are reading them by not placing a second blue mark next to the message.
    • Written and registered:  The application is characterized by hiding the sentence being written and recording in writing so that you can write without knowing the addressee.

      WhatsApp Plus Blue
      WhatsApp Plus Blue
    • Writing a longer status  : Now write your status on the program "WhatsApp Blue Plus" with more than 255 characters instead of 130 characters in the normal version of the program so you can write what you want in your case without controlling the limitations of the program and you can of course add emoticons any number you want as you want.
    • Additional Features  : The application also contains an additional set of features , including the possibility to see the person who is talking with him without having to enter his personal page It appears directly below the name with the information that shows whether the user is connected or not.
    • Edit color  : A great feature in the application of the new WhatsApp Blue Plus, you can change the colors of the application completely to many colors wholesale according to your choice and you can modify the colors of fonts, backgrounds and windows, in addition to the icon of the program itself there is a icon and WhatsApp Blue Plus, green and red or you can leave all this and choose your favorite color.
    • Two-digit operation  : Two-digit and two-channel operationon one mobile device.
    • Attachments  : Attachments sent in conversations is very important to many users of WhatsApp Blue Plus so developers have added more features that allow for example to send more than 90 images at once instead of 30 images only and you can send a video size of 30 mega Bytes instead of 15 MB only.
    • Compatible  : Whatsapp Plus is compatible with Whatsapp Plus or Whatsapp Plus 2 or Whatsapp Blue or as some people call it and the Whatsapp Plus Blue with all smart phones is available in the APK WhatSapp 2 format for Android .

The latest updates of WhatsApp Blue

  • The version as is on version 2.20.49 of the App Store version.
  • You can add posters to your account via our own website.
  • Add new fonts you can use.
  • Add new color icons
  • You can install 30 conversations in the Home screen.
  • You can disable opening hidden conversations after pressing Whatsapp through option 6.21
  • You can arrange messages by oldest and newest after viewing someone's messages in the group.
  • Confirm when you are connected to a person within the group.
  • Fixed the forced shutdown error in automatic reply.
  • Other repairs.


You must delete the primary (official) for this version to work.

WhatsApp Plus update
WhatsApp Plus update

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