GBWhatsApp Download GB Whatsapp Latest version (GBWA V8.25 APK) FREE 2020

GBWhatsApp Download GB Whatsapp Latest version (GBWA V8.25 APK) FREE 2020

GBWhatsApp Download GB Whatsapp Latest version (GBWA V8.25 APK) FREE 2020

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  • GBWhatsApp_Pro_Version : 8.25 | Base : 2.19.308 * versiyon
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Download update GBWhatsApp pro version 8.25 - 19/12/2019

The best and latest version of GB WHATSAPP

New Last Updated GB Wattsapp Direct Link:

  • Updated to version 2.19.308.
  • You can add posters to your account via our own website.
  • Add new fonts you can use.
  • Add new color icons
  • You can install 30 conversations in the Home screen.
  • You can disable opening hidden conversations after pressing Whatsapp through option 6.21
  • You can arrange messages by oldest and newest after viewing someone's messages in the group.
  • Confirm when you are connected to a person within the group.
  • Fixed the forced shutdown error in automatic reply.
  • Other repairs.

GBWhatsApp v8.25 Anti Ban For Android Devices

  1. Important Note: If You Got Banned Before
  2. Please Take Backup Of Your Chats From (Settings > Chats > Backup Chats)
  3. Uninstall Your WhatsApp Version
  4.  Download GBWhatsApp v8.20 From
  5.  Install GBWhatsApp v8.20 And Verify Your Number Again

Explain the advantages of GB Whatsapp:

  • Invisibility status (online now): You can hide if you connect to the Internet and use GBWhatsApp freely and displayed for all in offline mode (offline).
  • Hide the blue:  for contacts and group, even as you read the message.
  • Hide writing: You can hide the currently being typed for contacts and group when writing a message.
  • Hide the recording status: You can hide the recording of contacts and group when recording sound.
  • Hide the blue signal when you hear the recording: You can hide a signal that you have heard the recording or soundtrack from the contacts and group, when you open the sound.
  • Hide View Status: You can hide the status in GB Wattsapp so that your name will not appear if you have seen the status.
  • Send files:   You can send any files (attached) such as PDF, TXT and Docs up to 50 MB.
  • Easy Camera:   Send images and record video with high quality and greater speed.
  • Video and Photos:   You can send high-quality photos and videos from Gallery or File Manager up to 50 MB.
  • Recordings and tracks:   You can send audio or music files from a player or file manager up to 50 MB.
  • Location:   You can share your location in just one click.
  • Contacts:   You can select a message and send it to more than one contact at the same time.

How to install GB Whatsapp 2020

Once you've downloaded the GBWhatsapp  app  on your Android phone, we'll talk right now on your phone without losing chats easily.

  • Step 1:   Download application GB Whatsapp .apk smartphone or any smartphone or tablet android.
  • Step 2:   Now you need to back up your conversations so you do not lose them when you install  GBWhatsapp apk, open WhatsApp from your phone, go to Settings - Chats - Back up

Click Back up chats and wait a bit, and leave the backup complete.

  • Step 3:   Now uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device, go to Settings - Apps - Whatsapp - Uninstall.
  • Step 4:    First, go to "Settings" - "Security" - "Activate installation from unknown sources".
  • Step 5:   Now, install GBWhatsapp on your Android device, which is downloaded from above, you can find it in the download folder.
  • Step 6:   Open GBWhatsapp Click OK and continue, if you see a message requesting permissions to apply GBWhatsapp Do not worry click on Allow.
  • Step 7:   Enter your mobile number and check your phone number in GBWhatsapp This step may take a few minutes, wait a bit to provide the verification code to your phone.
  • Step 8:   Press Restore Backup, wait a little to complete restoring the backup.
  • Step 9:   Enter your name and choose your profile picture.

Note: This version works in conjunction with the official application These steps are optional if you want to keep your chats.

GB WhatsApp update
GB WhatsApp update

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